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About Us

RCCGNA Seminary in Dallas has adopted a servant –leadership theology. This is the theology that the General Overseer of RCCGNA Pastor E.A Adeboye has modeled as the leader of this global movement. The Seminary commits to a theological ethos which eschews dualistic perspectives and pursues an integrated worldview in which the God of heaven is active among humans today. RCCGNA Seminary works against the secular / sacred dichotomies and we are committed to an understanding that everything is holy when touched and sanctified by God, and by dedication to His will in prayer.

The RCCGNA Seminary has identified nine courses that can form the core of a Masters in Theology program. We will teach these courses in manners that are applicable to every stream of the global church. RCCGNA Seminary will serve the Global Church with a contextual focus on the RCCG distinctive. These distinctives includes holiness, a pursuit of heaven as an eternal home, relevant service and active involvement within our communities, and a belief in the power of God to bless and prosper those who please him. RCCGNA Seminary submits to the ultimate authority of the inspired and the inerrant Word of God. We follow the leadership of Pastor E.A Adeboye and are faithful to his desire that the basic doctrines of the Bible must be a focus in the Seminary.

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