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At no time in recent history is there such a roiling of civilizations. There is a cry for direction. The larger majority of people in the nations seems to be saying “we see not our signs.” The minister of the gospel that will answer the cry of the nations in these days must possess the purity of intent of a David, the knowledge-ability of a Solomon, the sensitivity of an Isaiah, the tenacity of a Daniel, and the intricacy of inner sight of an Ezekiel. He or she must possess the passion of a John the Baptist and more. He or she must possess the ever-present serendipitous working of the Holy Spirit. He or she must be unique, separated and committed.  In this person must the word be true: you are a Voice, you are a holy nation, a royal priesthood, these people must indeed be a peculiar people. 

RCBC&S has committed to the tough task of finding and training those who will be this unique group of humans. Every soul that registers and chose to walk the path of becoming trained as a minister through us will be honored and treated as one such peculiar person. The Seminary commits to an integrated activity that looks to God for wisdom and looks at the globe as its field of action. The Seminary is structured, and we deliver our learning systems with the vista of God's great globe as our mission field. 

RCBC&S has a special commitment to the American World. Whether it is Native American, or it is Anglo American, Latin American, Luso-American, Americans from the Caribbean, Americans from the Polynesian world or French Americans. The Seminary believes that it is sent to serve this continent. The Seminary honors its African American roots, but it reaches beyond that root to embrace all. We believe that God has sent us to every tribe and every tongue on this continent of America – and beyond. (Rev 5:9; 7:9). 

RCBC&S has a commitment to Historic, Missional Orthodoxy. The Seminary operates from a Biblical Literalist position, and we seek to pursue “a faith  once delivered to the saints”  on an integrational platform. 

I welcome you to our home on the web. Please take time – sometimes, to visit our home on the beautiful plains of North Texas. We will welcome you with warm, loving arms. 

Dr. Oluwasayo Ajiboye 
RCCGNA Seminary 

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