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Doctor of ministry

Doctoral Program Design 
This program is designed to strengthen the work of those already successfully engaged in; pastoral ministry, as lay leaders for ministries, as religious educators and those involved in community-based ministries. The program emphasizes learning from group interaction among peers. The faculty cultivates interaction among students, thus promote openness, caring, and practicing the teachings of Christ.

Learning Outcomes
Communicate the gospel in clear, and compelling ways. Understanding the integration of biblical teaching with the disciplines of systematic and historical theology. Interpret the whole Bible in a Christ-centered way. Explain the nature of the ministry setting and exhibit a commitment to its ethical and professional expectations. Formulate an awareness of the diversity found in ministry, and possess the ability to work effectively with different; religious beliefs, denominations, racial, ethnic and gender differences. Develop leadership competencies required for Christian ministry in contemporary society.

Doctoral - Program of Study Degree Plan

Course Number

Course Name




Year One



WREM 6013

Writing and Research II



FGCC 9169

Families in a Global Context (Counseling Intensive)



THE 6729

Theology of Work II (Intensive)


Winter 2017

SYS 5014

Advanced Bible Doctrine


Winter 2017

MLGM 9349

Management and Leadership of Global Missions (Missions Intensive)


Spring 2017

RIE 7943

Doctoral Dissertation and Research Foundation


Summer 2017


Year Two



WREM 7313

Theological Research Writing


Fall 2017

THE 6233

Advanced Christian Theology


Fall 2017

MGMT 9589

Evolution, Structures and Evaluation of Sustainability Quotient for Current Global Ministries

(Ministry Intensive)


Winter 2018


Doctoral Dissertation and Research



Total Transferred Credits Accepted From Other Degrees


Credits towards the Doctor of Transformational Leadership or Doctor in Ministry


Program Credits Required:


Seminary Intensive Courses -

36 credits

Seminary Core Courses -

13 credits

Seminary Dissertation & Research Courses:

9 credits

Program Length:

2 year


$17,400 @$300 per credit hour

Administration Fee:


Technology Fee:

$100 per year

Library Fee:

$80 per year

Application Fee:


Program Prerequisite:

- Master's degree with minimum GPA of 3.0 or International Equivalent

- Pastoral Recommendation

- Personal Christian Belief Statement

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