Master of Arts in Ministry


RCCGNA SEMINARY is committed to seeking out, training and equipping true ambassadors for Christ with practical knowledge that is useful in the place of service and ministry. The Master in Ministry program draws students into a learning environment that is increasingly global and culturally diverse. The courses are taught from a historically rooted and whole-Bible narrative theology. Students receive direct exposure to the new realities of a global world in massive economic, social, environmental, and spiritual transformation. The program is delivered in a Modular format with every course serving as a stand-alone module. The first half of the course focuses on creating a solid theological foundation and can be a self-contained Graduate Certificate in Ministry The second half has in plan Seven Tracks that is focused on the different practices of the Church of Christ. In the Meantime, the Tracks are conflated into one program. RCCGNA Seminary Master in Ministry involves extensive coaching of students through a mentoring module. There is student-to-student interaction that provides Peer Support. Each student is encouraged to identify and clarify a topic for thesis and the faculty supports the student in the design of a customized track that allows for an in-depth research and experience in the area of specialization. Students are encouraged to select thesis topics that explore new interests; have immediate practical benefit to their current work; or build toward a publishable work.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrates character development and a positive and sustainable growth trajectory
Demonstrates the understanding of ethical behaviors and values globally needed to serve in the global Church of Christ
Demonstrates critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
Articulates and demonstrates Biblical understanding and practical application of 
ministry opportunities applied to one’s context
Demonstrate the understanding of key concepts in Biblical, Global Christian History, and 
Christian theology
Demonstrates the understanding of the Christian worldview from a global perspective Becomes competent in biblical, theological and historical studies

Master of Arts in Ministry - Program of Study Degree Plan

Course Number

Course Name




Year One



WREM 5013

Research Writing and Theological Learning 1


Fall 2016

SOS 501

Advanced Survey of the Scriptures


Fall 2016

THE 503

Spiritual Gifts and Strategic Warfare


Fall 2016

SYS 5014

Advanced Bible Doctrine


Fall 2016

ADV 5313

Lifespan & Human Development (crosslisted with the Counseling program)


Winter 2017

ADV 5333

Ethical Issues in Ministry (crosslisted with the Counseling program)


Winter 2017

THE 501

Church Planting: RCCG Distinctive - Master's


Winter 2017

PRE 501

Homiletics - Master's


Spring 2017

RES 696

Practicum for Master of Arts in Ministry Year I


Spring 2017


Year Two



MGMT 6113

Organizational Leadership - Master's


Fall 2017

THE 6233

Advanced Christian Theology


Fall 2017

THE 6223

Coaching & Mentoring


Fall 2017

MGMT 6413

Pentecostal Identity - Church History perspective


Fall 2017

MGMT 6123

Entrepreneurial Church Management


Winter 2018

OUT 6423

Social Impact - Ministry Media perspective


Winter 2018

RES 6946

Interdisciplinary Capstone: Thesis with Defense


Winter 2018

Total Transferred Credits Accepted From Other Degrees


Credits towards the Master of Arts in Ministry


Program Credits Required:


Program Length:

2 year

Seminary Core Courses:

34 credits

Seminary General Courses:

9 credits

Seminary Elective Courses:

9 credits


$10,400@$200 per credit hour

Administration Fee:


Technology Fee:

$100 per year

Library Fee:

$80 per year

Application Fee:


Program Prerequisite:

Bachelor's degree with minimum GPA of 2.0 or International Equivalent

Pastoral Recommendation

Personal Christian Belief Statement

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Associate Pastor/Pastor
Mission Executive
Church Administrators
Christian Educator


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