Technology for Missions – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is a VIRTUAL & PRACTICAL skill acquisition training designed for

  1. Those seeking to own HVAC Company.
  2. HVAC Franchise Opportunities.
  3. Basic Theoretical and Practical Knowledge.
  4. Life Time Multiple Income in HVAC Industry.
  5. Recession Proof Skill in HVAC Industry.

1. EPA Universal Certification
2..TDLR Certifications
3. Own Air Conditioning Company within 10 Weeks .
4. Mentorship Program by Licensed Contractor & State Certified Instructor.

1. 10th-12th Grade High School Students
2. Realtors.
3. Real Estate Investors .
4.  Business Investors .
5. Matured Students .
6 . Home Owners.


 A. Ministry & HVAC Technical Skill. “Equipped to Comfort”
 B. HVAC Skill: An Agent of Ministry Transformation & Growth in rural or urban locations

 A. HVAC Components and Functions
 B. HVAC & Refrigeration Circle.
 C. Electricity, Refrigerants, and Laws
 D. E. P .A
 E. Troubleshooting & Repairs.

HVAC Virtual or In-Person Laboratory Experience

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