The RCCGNA Seminary offers five comprehensive Masters’s of Arts in Ministry Degrees both online and on campus. These degrees are arranged to be flexible, affordable, and fit well with the student’s busy schedule. By the end of their degree, our students are job-ready and equipped with the appropriate skill to be successful in the workforce.

This is a 2-year program requiring 42 credit hours for graduation. The programs are designed to prepare leaders who become ambassadors of Christ in critical segments of our world. The Masters of Arts in Ministry program are in the following areas.

Master’s of Art in Ministry with 6 Tracks

Pastoral Counseling & Chaplaincy

Students learn to approach counseling from both a psychological and spiritual perspective.

Pastoral Counselling

Pure Ministry

A one of a kind program that prepares students with the organizational and leadership skills needed in business.

Young Ministers in Ministry

Trains students in theology and helps build for them a foundation where they hold a grasp of the bible.

Worship Technology & Creative Leadership

Advance your approach to worship and church media with a Master’s in Worship technology.

Missions and Intercultural Studies

You learn to analyze risks and understand the in’s and out’s of creating a business plan and building a business.

Entrepreneurial Management

The programs are designed to prepare leaders who become witnesses to the world. It has a firm focus on crossover content where missioners have marketplace relevance. Church administrators, worship leaders, Christian educators, entrepreneurs, faith-driven technologists, and project managers. 

The key application requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degreewith minimum GPA of 2.0 or International Equivalent
  • Pastoral Recommendation
  • Personal Christian Belief Statement
  • Application Fee of $50.
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