You can earn a Masters of Art in Ministry with a focus on Pure Ministry from our University today. This is a 2-year program requiring 42 credit hours for graduation.

A master’s in pure ministry educates students on advanced biblical doctrines and advanced Christian theologies. The master’s program is very beneficial to those who have careers in ministry or recently completed the bachelor’s program in ministry. The program will provide more clarity on church planting, the church system, and effective team-building strategies. 

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’sdegreewith minimum GPA of 2.0 or International Equivalent
  • Pastoral Recommendation
  • Personal Christian Belief Statement

Course Summary

Total Credits Required: 42

  • Core Courses: 24 credits
  • General Courses: 9 credits
  • Elective Courses: 9 credits

Yearly Academic Plan

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