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A transcript contains all essential academic data as the course, grades and credits awarded, degree w/major, and graduation.

An Official Transcript has the RCCGNA Seminary seal, date, and an appropriate signature for students who have attended this institution. Official transcripts cost $15.00 each. Official Transcripts can only be released upon receipt of a written request from the student.

An Unofficial Student Transcript is an unofficial record of grades obtained while a student is attending the RCCGNA Seminary. It is issued to the student and has the appropriate signature and is dated without the College seal. When all coursework has been completed and all financial obligations are fulfilled, one (1) Unofficial Transcript will be available at no charge. All subsequent Unofficial Transcripts are $10.00 each.

Official or Unofficial Transcripts will not be issued to a student who fails to meet all financial obligations to the RCCGNA Seminary.

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