At the inception of every training cycle, RCCGNA Seminary will have an Overture. An Overture is a 17th Century Musical term that: “refers to an independent, self-existing instrumental, programmatic works that presaged genres such as the symphonic poem.”[1] Overtures were expected to be played at the beginning of the program. Bakke Graduate University in Seattle brought this concept into Higher Education and uses it to describe the primary initiative at the beginning of a course within which leaders of the educational systems work to create a synergy between staff, facilitators and students at the beginning of a program of study.

At the Overture, facilitators will present on the basics of academic engagement and investigate the convergence of their individual experiences of participants and encourage them to begin the process of defining the directions for their academic Journey within the Texas School Systems. Overture students will receive at least three core books to review. These books will touch on Theology of the Urban World (Theology as Big as the City, Ray Bakke), Theology of Works (Paul Stevens – Calling and Vocation) and a book on Doctrines of the Bible. They will also receive a manual on Mentoring to assist in their need to define a proactive relationship with various aspects of the educational community (Mentor Right!).


At the end of every program, RCCGNA Seminary will attempt a Summative Retreat. Students will write what they have learned and how it has affected their lives. They will reflect on the weekly journals which they have written from the beginning.


Key Words: Master Teacher , Mentoring facilitator.
The RCCGNA Seminary will operate a Flex System that utilizes technology to link centers and enables all the students to experience a synchronous interaction. Lectures and knowledge facilitation will involve virtual interaction with a high level professor at one of the centers. This interaction will be beamed to other centers and students will access online. The teaching by the Master Teacher will be echoed and reemphasized by the Mentoring Facilitators at each center. Program will be structured in such a manner that only world class academics will teach at RCCGNA Seminary.


Students will have to login online to have access to lectures. Lectures will be delivered on Thursdays and Saturdays every week. Video of the lectures will be archived online and accessible to participating students.


RCCGNA Seminary requests all facilitators to serve as on-site mentor for students. Facilitators must have earned at least a Master’s degree in Theology and also possess a clear understanding of the ethos, foundational concepts and propositions of the Seminary in other to be a facilitator. Facilitators from the old systems will continue running at the diploma level and the new systems will commence operations at Graduate levels.


All the processes and developments will focus on RCCGNA Seminary becoming an accredited institution with TRACS (www.tracs.org).
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