Diploma in Ministry

Diploma in Ministry

This is a Pre-Undergraduate 1year program. Students are expected to cover 28 credit hours thoroughly designed for Church Administrative Staff, Church Ministers and Pastoral Assistant with no baccalaureate degree. The track offers 18 Seminary core hours, 9 Electives hours and 1 Practicum hour, which can be offered online and Residential (Hybrid).

The key application requirements are:

  • SAT Scores or International Equivalence,
  • a pastoral Recommendation, and
  • a personal Christian Belief Statement.
  • Application fee –  $50

To help applicants make an informed decision about the Diploma in Ministry program and whether it best fit for their academic and vocational goals, we encourage applicants to become familiar with courses before submitting an application for admission. 

  • Life Span and Human development (3)
  • Pastoral Ministry (3)
  • Intergenerational Ministries & Communication (3)
  • Introduction to Global Missions (3)
  • Christian Ethics (3)

  • Ministry Elective (3) /Survey of the Scriptures (3)
  • Ministry Elective (3) / Basic Bible doctrine (3)
  • Ministry Elective (3) /Church Planting (3)
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Accreditation brings bigger and more detailed responsibility. We are asking for the partnership of God’s gracious people.