Godly Excellence

Godly Excellence

Godly Excellence

We will manifest the excellence in the following manners:

Excellence in Teaching

World Class Professors who are global leaders teach every course at RCBC&S. These professors are spirit controlled and a large percentage possesses earned doctorates from accredited institutions.

Excellence of Access to Teaching Resources

RCBC&S deploys Various Online Tools to create a robust, synchronous tool for students to access teaching resources. Students from all over the nation can interact directly with our professors and are given every resource that is needed to be trained as God’s true ambassadors.

Excellence of Access to Study Material

RCBC&S is developing both a physical library and a massive online repository of reading materials. The college has linked with existing online theological libraries. RCBC&S is building a media vault with unique picture, video and audio materials. RCBC&S aims to support every need of every student for any material that will aid in the process of study.

Excellence of Accreditation

RCBC&S has committed to a process of accreditation. Accreditation is a public statement that says we are committed to serving our society at the highest possible level of accountability. Accreditation assumes a rigorous commitment to an internal operating standard and a submission to an external body to valuate that commitment. Accreditation protects the value of the service which the students receive. RCBC&S has chosen to make this commitment.

Excellence in Commitment to the Roots

RCBC&S is committed to a distinctive of holiness and a focus on eternity. We serve in our communities and we earnestly seek the prosperity of our people. RCBC&S struggles with the hard questions of faith: What does it mean to be holy in 21st Century America? How do we plant churches that touch the community? What messages work with those to whom we have been sent? RCBC&S has renewed its commitment to these and many other standards.

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Accreditation brings bigger and more detailed responsibility. We are asking for the partnership of God’s gracious people.